Ladies Prayer and Praise

We are going to try something….this Wednesday, 7:30pm, we will have a Zoom meeting for prayers and praise.  We will end AT LEAST 5 minutes early so we can switch over to the Bible Study at 8:00.  From this we will see who would like to do this, and if there is a need for a daytime session OR if this would work better on a different night.  Below is the invite.  If you know someone in the study, mention this…the invite MIGHT go into some spam folders because of the number of people in the email.  I made this recurring so if it works, things are in place.  It can always be deleted or changed if needed.  Also feedback would be good so we know how to move forward.
See you Wednesday night.
Cathy G


To call in by phone please refer back to your email from Cathy which contains the Meeting ID that you will need to dial in.

Ladies Bible Study

Sisters in Christ,

Brooke contacted me and we discussed what might be the next step with the Wednesday night study.  There are a couple of possibilities in the works.  For example, there may be two night sessions and one day session.  We will talk about this on Wednesday night.  We will be meeting the same time, using the same invite information this Wednesday.
I am asking everyone to read Psalm 23….chew on it, mediate on it…study it and we will do an overview of this Psalm Wednesday in addition to our discussion.
I have discussed with several people, (Brooke, Debbie Hawley, Catherine, Traci, Abigail) and I am thinking we might read together and discuss the book A Shepherd’s Look at Psalm 23 by Phillip Keller.  Even if we do not study this book, it is a great read and I would recommend it to everyone. But I am thinking we do this…The book is available from Amazon (Kindle $1.99, paperback $6.99).  CBD also has the book and they have free shipping through May 26 (though I have not checked to see how long it will take to get it from CBD.  I got my Amazon book in 3 days)
If you have any questions, write them down for Wednesday.
Be in prayer over the study.  Pray for each other.
Hope to see you Wednesday night!
Cathy Graham