Please join us online this Sunday at 11am for church. Please click on  Sermons to join us.



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We are acting out the Gospel locally by connecting with our community through Connect 12K. We are committing ourselves to call, write, text, or email at least two people a day for 60 days. 12,000 people can be reached when 100 people commit to acting out the gospel in this way. Click on the link above to learn more.

We are continuing to join together in cooperate worship each Sunday at 11am on this website. If you have been watching the services and for the first time believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and desire to follow Him please email me at so we can meet together and talk.

We are fostering relationships through weekly discipleship groups. Click here on “discipleship” if you would like to join a discipleship group.

Women’s Prayer and Praise is on Tuesdays at 8:00pm and Wednesdays at 2:00pm.

You can also join me every day in reading through Bible on Facebook. Each day we dive into God’s Word and discover the richness of it and how it speaks to our lives. By this time next year, we will have read through the Old Testament once, the New Testament twice, and the book of Psalms twice.

Men’s Prayer Breakfast is still planning to meet on Zoom at 7:00am on the first Saturday of the month. Email for information about joining other Round Hill Baptist men to meet and pray via Zoom.

We are starting to look at plans reopen our church building in the future. Our national, state, and local governments have recommendations regarding how churches can start opening up their buildings again. According to the President’s Opening Up America Again plan we cannot start this process until our state’s COVID-19 cases start going down for at least two weeks. It will take six weeks of continued decrease in COVID-19 cases for our building to be completely open for operation.

Please continue to be faithful givers during this time. The work of the church is ongoing.  You can give by mailing a check, bringing one by the church on Wednesdays from 10:00am-4:00pm, or by giving online via our website or your bank.

Our mailing address is:
PO Box 467
King George, VA 22485

Miss seeing everyone,