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Empowering Courageous Kids

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Week 1
Jesus’ Power Calms Our Fears
Address kids fears head on by exploring how Jesus’ power calms our fears.

Week 2
Jesus’ Power Calms Our Worries
Show kids how being a friend of Jesus can help them during this current time, because Jesus’ power calms our worries.

Week 3
Jesus’ Power is Unexpected
Dive into a true story from the Bible and hear about people who expected some things from Jesus. But Jesus didn’t do what they expected. Jesus doesn’t always work the way we expect either. Often, Jesus’ power is unexpected.

Week 4
Jesus’ Power Means We Don’t Have to Fear Death
Take time to celebrate how Jesus defeated sin and death and discover how Jesus’ power means we don’t have to fear death.

Week 5
Jesus’ Power Takes Action
Dive into a Bible story where Jesus heals a man who couldn’t walk and discover that Jesus’ power takes action!

Week 6
Jesus’ Power Helps Us When We’re Lonely
Journey through a Bible story of a man who had leprosy and couldn’t be around others. Then discover how Jesus’ power helps us when we’re lonely.

Week 7
Jesus’ Power Brings Hope

Week 8
Jesus’ Power Lives in Us